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Small Business Financing

What Is Small Business Financing


Simple answer: small business financing (cash advance) is the alternative way of funding your business. If you own a small business, you know how important it is to sometimes have access to extra cash. Perhaps you’ve tried your bank or other local financing source, and you’ve found out the old saying is true “banks only lend you money when you don’t need it.”

There is a source for small business cash advances that perhaps you haven’t heard about; it involves getting a cash advance against your monthly credit card receipts. It’s a fast and easy process, and doesn’t require perfect credit.

The small business cash advance is easy to qualify for and it doesn’t matter how long you have been in business. Loans are available from $3,000 to $1,500,000, dependent upon what the total volume of your monthly credit card sales run through your business amount to.

With constant cash flow from your credit card processing, you can consider your relationship with Biz Loans Direct like a revolving line of credit almost, there when you need it. No longer suffer the delays and restrictions of borrowing at the local bank, or having to come up with additional collateral to cover the loan amount.

The Benefits

  • You don’t need to put up collateral.
  • Your credit rating is not a problem.
  • Just fill out the application and you will hear back within 48 hours.
  • When approved the cash will be credited to your account within 48 hours.

As you can see, you have the total amount of your cash loan to work with upfront. This means that you can expand immediately. You can remodel, add more staff, add salespeople, and make your business grow faster. You can take advantage of any special deals that will add more revenue.

When You May Need a Small Business Loan?

Small Business Expansion Funding


According to the Small Business Administration, Sole Proprietorships make up 73.2% of small businesses and 78.5% are businesses without employees. What that means is that cash for development and cash flow fall on the backs to the owners. Translated into practical terms, it means that unless owners have pristine credit they will not be able to grow and add new employees.

Often owners do not have the personal collateral to obtain a bank loan. Bank loans require a business plan, tax returns and substantial collateral. This explains why small business owners are unable to get working capital.

There is a way to prevent this vicious cycle. Here is the quickest, easiest, most innovative and dynamic source for a cash loan for your business called small business cash advance.

New Business Funding

Many new businesses have a difficult time getting the funding that they need. When they apply for a loan, many will turn them away because they don’t have a long history of success. These lenders are unsure if these companies will be able to repay the loan despite the company having success their first couple of years.

Here at Biz Loans Direct we understand that every business was a new business once. Just because a business is in its first couple years of operation does not mean that it doesn’t deserve funding. If the company is making money, they deserve a new business funding loan. By getting a new business funding loan, you will be able to take your business to the next level.

Business Acquisition Financing

Sometimes the best way to start a business is to buy an existing business. The purchase usually made with a business loan or business acquisition financing. The state of the economy has made it difficult for the entrepreneur to acquire loans in the traditional fashion. Some entrepreneurs might give up, but there are other sources available for business acquisition financing.

Biz Loans Direct is a great alternate source for entrepreneurs looking for a way to fund their new enterprise. We have streamlined the entire loan application process for our clients. We do not rely on previous credit history to approve a business acquisition financing loan. We  realize that many applicants might have no credit history or a sketchy credit history.

How to Get a Small Business Financing?

Before asking how to get business finance, you should answer first if you really need it. Make sure your business plan is concrete up to the smallest details. Know what products or services you plan on selling, what equipment and materials you need, and how much you need to start and maintain business operations.

There are many advantages when you get financing for your business. Also, there are numerous loan options to choose from.

Our company knows how to get a business financing solution that suits your needs. We will help find the right funding and assist you in the application process. Over 75% of applicants get approved. We specialize in fast turnarounds, most applications are approved within 48 hours or less. Anyone can be matched with a loan that suits their goals, but they just don’t know how to get approved.

We will show you how to get a small business loan of up to a million dollars. No collateral is needed, even if you have credit problems and we will help you find flexible payment terms.

What Small Businesses May Apply for Cash Advance?

Small business cash advances are available to nearly every type of business:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Trucking businesses
  • Beauty salons and SPAs
  • Gas stations
  • Automotive businesses
  • Medical, dental, pharmacy
  • Hotels and motels
  • Merchant businesses
  • Other service businesses

Why Biz Loans Direct is a Right Place to Get Your Business Financing?

Biz Loans Direct is a different type of finance company. No two businesses are alike. We intentionally train our staff to assess each business separately. Unlike a traditional finance company, our goal is to help every business we can.

Our applications are designed for simplicity. Online applications let you apply anywhere your job takes you. The form itself is simple. Just basic business information, like your business tax ID. The problem with many a finance company is they turn their requirements into mountains. We don’t do that. Does your business have $5,000 a month in revenue? Is your cash flow consistent, with a wide customer base? Wonderful! Now let’s get you what you need to do what you do best.

We offer a business finance alternative. Our employees assess the details of your situation, then come up with a plan that works with you. Rather than just setting out our terms, after your application, we offer pre-approval options. That means you chose what works best for your business, not us.

Our repayment techniques for business finance are unique. We use state-of-the-art technology to take a small payment from each credit card sale. We know running a business is a lot of work. With this method, you never have to stop what you are doing, and think, “Did I make that payment?” Once the technology is in place, the payments make automatically. When the funding has been paid-in-full, it stops.

We are here to help small business owners enhance their businesses without drowning them in more debt.


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How do Small Business Financing Works?

The way it works is simple. We will buy a portion of your sales at a discount. That amount is added to the face value of your loan. Then with automated processing taking care of the repayment, with small sums deducted from every credit card transaction at your business, there’s no need to worry about making a monthly payment to repay the loan. We get paid when you get paid.


Here is an example
Let’s assume you need $25,000. Biz Loans Direct would buy a portion of your sales for $27,000. Our computers will deduct a small amount from each of your sales, often as little as 8% until the loan is paid off.


Only Active Businesses

Fast Approvals
Over 75% Approved
Low Credit Okay
48hrs Turn Around
Up To $1 Million
No Collateral Needed

Please complete the form and within 24hrs you should get a response. Please note, we do not review startups at this point and only very few will be considered on a yearly basis. This form respects your privacy, as we only use this info to evaluate the lending amount available.

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